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Air Disinfection that Kills Viruses and Pathogens including MSA and Swine Flu


The secret of success in eliminating Airborne Malodour is in the 5 different technologies incorporated into the AirSteril units.  This same technology also protects against cross infection, killing airborne virus and pathogens including MSA, flu and swine flu.  Cleaning the air means re-colonisation of bacteria on surfaces is also dramatically inhibited.  Units are available in different sizes - size can be matched to the scale of the problem or size of the room

All units can be safely left running 24/7 giving CONTINUOUS PROTECTION.

The small AS10 units are suitable for bedrooms – especially useful where respiratory or incontinence problems exist - and in areas such as Consulting Rooms, Reception Areas, Small Offices, Small Washrooms and for home use.  The AS10 for home use can be purchased online at -

A new 12 volt version will shortly be released for Ambulances and Taxis where 24/7 protection against cross contamination is important but difficult to maintain in practice. 

R-Tech is happy to advise you on the best unit to serve your needs.

To date NO MALODOUR has beaten Air-Steril – because it works on the root cause of the problem! If malodour is a problem – we GUARANTEE we can solve it!

In the short time this technology has been available, it has been credited with amazing success in eliminating malodour from Care Homes and in High Traffic Washrooms (where some of the biggest problems can be found).

Care Homes:

  • Kills Odour in the Air and leaves Carpets, Soft furnishings, Washrooms smelling fresh.
  • Stops Cross Infection – Colds, Flu, Bacteria
  • Reduces Staff Absenteeism
  • Improves Air Quality
  • 24/7 Zaps Airborne Germs and Dust Particulates
  • Inhibits Re-Colonisation of Bacteria after Cleaning
  • Lowers Cleaning Costs


MP30 successfully stopped severe malodour in gents washrooms at Terminal 1 Heathrow Airport.

Cleaners struggled to keep down smells (footfall having more than doubled in capacity since the Terminal was built).

'Qualitaire' MP30 turned this problem around in just 24 hours! The decision quickly followed to install AirSteril in all Washrooms at Terminals 1 and 5.

Success is due to the Combined use of the FIVE different technologies!

It is this NEW Combination of Five Technologies that makes AirSteril so effective in Odour and Cross Infection Control – and renders it safe for use in occupied areas 24/7.


Other Areas:

Since its introduction in 2008 this technology has been proven in Care Homes and Washrooms.  It is currently being fast-tracked for use in the NHS. AirSteril provides air disinfection which kills MSA, Flu and Swine Flu.

More recently it has been shown to have real benefit in maintaining Sanitisation levels in food packing areas and there is a possibility that shelf life may be extended where preparation areas are protected by Air Disinfection.




    Qualitaire AS10


    Qualitaire WR30


    Qualitaire MP30

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