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Infection and Malodour Control for Bins

A natural biocide used for servicing of Feminine Hygiene Bins and Nappy Bins - but works for all bins!

Formulated by R-Tech Solutions for the Washroom Service Industry, this highly concentrated Natural Biocide gives best possible protection against bacteria and pathogens - plus a complex, malodour absorbing fragrance that still works even after 6 weeks in a bin!

Washroom Service Companies that care about their staff and their customers use SaniPRO products - they know it is the best!  They know it really works!

'SaniMATS' and 'C&P'

Multi pocketed Sachets give a measured distribution of the granules in the bin - automatically. This ensures fast vapour release - the natural biocides used in these products are active in the vapour phase and will keep working as the bin fills.

All SaniPRO Sachets are printed to ensure compliance with chemical labelling requirements - and for peace of mind! (If a sachet is accidentally dropped - perhaps in a school - –fast identification is essential).


'Sprinkle & Pour'

(SaniPRO in a bottle!)  Used by Care Homes and Nursing Homes where a sprinkle added to waste stops malodour permeating corridors etc. whilst awaiting collection and removal to outside bins. 

For Hygiene Servicing it is quick and easy to use - just a sprinkle around the bin "to the count of 4" is a suitable dose for a Feminine Hygiene Bin (about 4grm) Double for a Nappy Bin.

Because only 4grm of this concentrate is needed, the clumsy and inaccurate dosing mechanism used in larger bottles for 25grm doses is not required.  The simple metering plug used for "Sprinkle & Pour" has proved to be more accurate.

Easy Flow SUPER CONCENTRATED Bottle Biocide “Sprinkle & Pour” has many advantages over the old style 1 kilo bottle:

More Doses + Less Weight + Easy to Handle + No Waste + Recyclable Plastic ...  just a few!


SaniMat Packed 60 per Wallet x 12
720 Sanimats per Case
C&P Packed 80 per Waller x 12
960  C&P per Case
S&P 12 Bottles x 450g per case   (approx 1200 doses)
SaniPro BULK 2 Kilo Tub 
(with 5grm dosing measure)



In the  'Washroom Malodour Control Battle'  it is widely known that problems often come from the floors - particularly tiled and grouted floors.

R-Tech's approach is biological.  The problem arises because bacteria from urine 'splashes' soaks into the grouting where it remains as a food source for malodour producing bacteria.  It cannot be removed by cleaning the surface with biocides, although a biological floor wash will help.

Our BIOSOL OC (supplied in economy 5 litre packs for decanting into trigger sprays) is an enzyme based "blitz" treatment.  Spray it on the worst affected areas after washing the floor with a biological floorwash and just leave it to soak in.  It has an uplifting vanilla fragrance that leaves the Washroom smelling good.  (Cleaners love it!)  Just a little makes a BIG difference!

The enzymes soak into the grouting and the problem is resolved at source!

BIOSOL OC             Packed 2 x 5 Litre

QUALITAIRE                 Air Disinfection 

HAND DRYERS           ECO Friendly - Cost Effective 

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